Monthly Archives: May 2012

Esther Tracy Got the NSM SURE Award

New lab member Esther Tracy has been awarded the NSM Summer Undergraduate Research Experience award by California State University, Sacramento. She will be researching parental investment in Archocentrus nigrofasciatus.


Eliza Hanson & Esther Tracy Have Joined the Lab

Undergraduate Biology students Eliza Hanson and Esther Tracy have joined the Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Lab for this upcoming summer.

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes @ California State University, Sacramento

This site was created to inform people of the research we do on fishes at California State University Sacramento in Dr. Ron Coleman’s Evolutionary Ecology fishes lab. We have number of both graduate and undergraduate students researching all aspects of fish from behavior, phylogenetics, ecology, biomechanics, and much more.

On this site, we hope to share some of our findings and current research as well as educate the everyday person about the wonderful fish we work with!