Lab Members


Graduate Students:

Farhat Bajjaliya

– Effect of Environment on Steelhead morphology

Kasie Barnes

-The Effects of body length and density on the initiation and completion of metamorphosis in larval lamprey

Steve Brumbaugh

– Modeling Spring-run Chinook Salmon abundance to determine restoration benefits in data-poor Northern California watersheds

Karen Converse

– Genetic mating system and turnover of the Sacramento Valley Red Fox, Vulpes vulpes patwin via noninvasive sampling and microsatellite genotypes.

Gena Lasko

– Straying of downstream released late fall Chinook Salmon into the American River

AJ Southwell

–  Modeling oceanographic circulation flows in Monterey Canyon

Shannon Waters

– Effects of Salinity and temperature on reproductive success of the Tilapia in the Salton Sea, California

Undergraduate Assistants and Researchers:

Marcos Arreola

Jody Baugh

Nathan Bell

Rich Bireley

– Central American Cichlid reproduction and evolution
– Biomechanics of Cichlids

Jasmine Hamilton

Eliza Hanson

Kia Seehaufer

Nathan Shanklin

Esther Tracy


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